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Why work with us

There are many options available when it comes to selling a business. If you believe in following a proven approach to creating enduring value, Greywing Capital may be the right choice to help your company achieve a higher level of success. We look forward to connecting with you to see if there is a match.

With your legacy in mind, Greywing Capital works with you to preserve what makes your company great while also making it stronger and more competitive. We bring an honest and transparent work ethic, a strategic perspective, and support for the positive change needed for the next phase of your company’s evolution.

Greywing is different from other private equity firms and strategic owners. We seek to own just a few select companies, and dedicate the time required to be good stewards of your company.

We appreciate everything you have accomplished, the challenges ahead, and the value of the customer and employee relationships built during your tenure. Our aim is to help you also be successful in the company’s next chapter. We balance the need for support and independence by working collaboratively and respectfully with you and your team.

We understand the important role intermediaries play, and the importance you place on working with firms that can give assurance of closing, give quick responses, have integrity through the process, and are strong stewards after the sale.