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We will follow a disciplined, high-integrity approach that is transparent, collaborative, and focused on creating value before, during, and after the sale.

Prior to the sale
In most situations, we have already been studying the market, customers and competitive environment in detail to gain a strategic perspective and identify the most promising opportunities.  As a result, we may reach out pro-actively to owners of companies we’ve identified as attractive.

Once we have engaged with an owner regarding their interest in selling, we seek to gain additional understanding of the business.  We will collaboratively engage with owners, and executive management when appropriate, on the various opportunities to pursue and their vision for the future. During this period, we promise you our total discretion.

We strive to make our evaluations within the customary timeline, and pledge to be upfront about timing to set expectations.

During the sale
We recognize the need for a customized, collaborative approach during the sale process, and work with business owners and advisors to help ensure the transaction meets their needs both financially and otherwise.  We understand and appreciate what it takes to build a company legacy, and will be sensitive to your goals and intentions for the business and the people who rely on it.

After the sale
We are a dedicated partner focused on the long term.

Using a customized and transparent process, we will:

  1. Ensure a positive and stable ownership transition.
  2. Establish alignment with an ambitious, yet realistic, strategic plan.
  3. Help implement any needed change programs and investments.
  4. Constantly learn, adjust, and innovate together.