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The following articles and methodologies have influenced our perspective or captured a point of view we share.

Discovery Driven Planning By Rita McGrath and Ian MacMillan

At the core of almost every venture, transformation, new product launch, cost cutting, business model shift, or investment is a core set of economic assumptions and hypotheses. Over time, these assumptions often turn out, to be different than first assumed. The following is a helpful article on how to keep these assumptions current, and how to adjust one’s course of action appropriately.

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DICE By Perry Keenan

DICE is a simple tool that helps assess the health of change initiatives and identifies program issues before they become a problem.

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Leading Transformation By Andrew Dyer, Grant Freeland, Steve Gunby, and Cynthia DeTar

This is an interesting collection of war stories and advice from business leaders engaged in driving change within their organizations.

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Tomorrow Never Dies: The Art of Staying On Top By Martin Reeves, Knut Haanes, and Johnan Harnoss

A short article by a few BCG partners on the vulnerability of large companies, and the importance of exploring opportunities.

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Disruption By Clay Christensen

In an age of disruption, many Fortune 500 companies find themselves in the difficult position of not being able to explore and innovate because they are trapped by past success.

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