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We seek opportunities to unlock significant value by supporting a change process that creates an industry-leading, highly profitable, growing business. Specifically, we aim to help build winning value propositions and scalable, profitable business models.

It is not necessary for all the pieces listed above to be in place today.

We are considering investments in companies typically with between $1 and $10M in EBITDA, a history of profitability, based anywhere in the United States, and with reasonable valuations.

We prefer to collaborate with ambitious management teams who are looking to take their companies to the next level, but we also invest in situations where an operating owner, founder or CEO is looking to transition away from a company.

Our list of currently targeted sectors:

We are looking nationally for good companies in multiple consumer-based sectors including food & beverage, consumer services, consumer goods, and retail / e-commerce. Categories with active searches include:

  • Restaurant chains or groups  – especially emerging fast casual, coffee / brunch, local to DC, or polished casual
  • Foodservice distribution – especially produce, specialty, ethnic, floral, and seafood
  • Gyms / Fitness – especially specialty, climbing, online and multi-unit
  • Vending / coffee / micro-markets – especially at scale or a differentiated concept
  • DTC – especially high loyalty / recurring purchases
  • CPG “misfits” – especially importers, specialty foods, and processors
  • Other select sectors based on hypotheses we have developed

We are primarily focused on the above targeted sectors, but are open to opportunities in other areas – particularly in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Businesses with a recurring, subscription, or otherwise high-loyalty customer base are particularly attractive.